October 5, 2007

Christmas Cards

Eeks! I can't even believe I'm saying "Christmas" before Halloween. I know that many of you don't start thinking about your Christmas plans till after Thanksgiving....but a few of you out there have your Christmas shopping almost done...right? (You know who you are, don't be ashamed) So....with that in mind.....I'm happy to introduce a few examples of Christmas cards I've created for the upcoming holiday season. These are just EXAMPLES of what I could make for your family this year. I wouldn't want everyone to end up getting the same card (pick from A, B, or C) so each Christmas card I create will be as unique as the family themselves. You have two options - You can have me take some pictures for you and then I'll create the card...OR, you can send me some lovely photos and I'll use them to create a card for you. The card prices are listed on the side, towards the bottom. Please e-mail me if you want some more examples, if you have any questions, or if you would like to get started on your Christmas cards. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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