February 6, 2008

Mrs. D

Introducing....my mom. Isn't she beautiful? On snowy days, when I'm all cooped up, she lets me practice my photography on her. She's the best!


Camille said...

pretty lady!

Anonymous said...

Quelle est belle ma Tatie Danielle !!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Veronica! I am amazed- you have such a gift! You have an eye for the candid and the peaceful. Wow. I have sent an email to my family and friends w/ a link telling them about how we were in elementary together, lived in the Terrace and now you have followed your dream. I wish you all the best- and I will come to you for pictures.. I have an amazing man in my life- we have been together for about 15 months... I know you could capture some great moments for us. -Rebekah Hartmann
Ps- I heard about this from Mud- I hope you get to meet her new baby Katelyn! Have the best day~