April 16, 2008

Brothers...Behind the Scenes


Awww....brothers, how sweet!
(The untold story: No longer then 2 seconds after I snapped the picture, the baby brother face planted it into the flower bed. Well, there goes his perfectly coifed hair and crisp, clean, outfit) So sad!! Thanks to my sister-in-law for being a good sport. :)


Camille said...

I love that setting

Anonymous said...

I love the green, almost in bloom, flowers in the front of this picture.. Wow. Nice eye..
Yes, yes, I check this site almost on a daily basis- I have so many friends and family coming to see you that I am always hoping for updated. The C famiy- Thats my cousin! Her family is beautiful.. I love the pictures!!
xoxo- Rebekah Hartmann -