June 19, 2008

Newborn "A"

I'm finally getting around to posting the preview of sweet little "A". What a doll!






Anonymous said...

This is my favorite newborn picture that you've ever taken. It just so simply shows the tiny size of this baby... the moms ring, the kisses.. it is just stunning. I am here in Texas now and I am still checking your site for updates- it's just so fun to see your work and accomplishments. Love, Bekah Hartmann

Bree said...

I love those!!!! SOOO CUTE.

Bryan Fowler said...

This baby is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen before. I am lucky because I get to change her diapers, help my wife with the feedings and put her down to sleep. I am glad that we have captured such great pictures from the beginning. You do great work!

Bryan Fowler