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September 26, 2008

Learnfest...Bald Head Island

Learnfest.....dear, dear, Learnfest.

It went all too fast.

Actually, my brain is so full right now I don't know if I could have fit anything else in it's probably a good thing that I'm home.

This week I had the awesome opportunity to attend a photography workshop in beautiful Bald Head Island off of North Carolina.

All the photographers I met at Learnfest were so wonderful. Although in so many different stages of their business, everyone was willing to share information, ideas, and advice. Nights were spent staying up late chatting and laughing, days were spent learning from four of the most talented, successful, children's photographers in the country....Lena Hyde, Audrey Woulard, Tamara Lackey, and Laura Novak. Evenings were spent meeting people from all over North America.

The island was beautiful, everything was perfect....well, except for the scorpions, roaches, alligators, and the tropical storm that cut the workshop by one day.

Be looking for LOTS of changes with my business and photography skills (hopefully). Upward and was a life changing experience.


Camille said...

Did you take those pictures yourself?

Freckles said...

Hey Veronica, those look great! I wish I had had time to take some scenic pictures while I was there, yours are beautiful! So, I've already made a few price changes while I get all my ducks in a row, and had 1 person book already, should've done that a long time ago! How about you?

Anonymous said...

Hello Veronica,

I just checked in to see your latest and greatest! I am so excited for you to have had this opportunity! I truly believe that you name will be on that "best in the country" list. You have come so far from when you started a year ago- and you were great then.

I say on ward and up ward in my own life and it made me smile to see it on your page.

Great photo of you, good to see you.

Rebekah Hartmann-

Carly said...

I noticed you added a profile pic, I like it! Can't wait for our shoot soon.