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October 1, 2008


Lot's of new exciting changes around here! Check out my website, new logo, new designs, new pictures, and last but certainly not least, new pricing! Not to mention new business cards, gift certificates, stickers, promotional materials, and packaging....

Doesn't everything look great?

Thank you {a million times} to the super talented Carly of Playful Pickles Designs. She did my logo, my photo stamp, my blog, my header. She's been hard at work! They are all so wonderful! I couldn't be more pleased. Check out her work, I promise you'll be impressed!!

So take a look around, go check out my website and I hope you like what you see! To start things off on my new blog, some photos I took of my little girl. She just turned 4 years old....and we all know what that shoot! Woo Hoo!



R~ said...

Superb! I love the header. The blocks of color are pefectly fitted to you and your talents. Color. Crisp. Fun!

The changes are beautiful. I love the new V that marks as your copyright on your photos.

Your daughter looks so happy! I love her dresses and her smile is much like her moms.

Love the new site!It was good to talk to you in email the other day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - everything is just beautiful. I have looked around at lots of photographers and I have to say that I like your photos the best. The colors are so clear and vibrant and everything is perfect. But what I like best is your ability to capture the true emotions and personality of your subjects. People need to get in line fast because you are definately a photographer that is going to do great things!

Anonymous said...

WOW. First of all you are way ahead of me! I'm still digesting all the information from Learnfest! Second, you little girl is GORGEOUS! And your photos are awesome!!! Very Audrey like ;-)

Brittney Hale said...

great job as always. love your new look!!!

Kelly said...

love little Lili! She is getting so big--is that a Carly original dress she is wearing??? I checked your new site--love it--BUT some of your best work is NOT there--ie: Sara's wedding, my Landon and many others! You need to show off your BEST! Just my opinion...please dont be offended!

Jonnie said...

Love the new updaates! Super fun! Your little girl is adorable! Hope she had a great b-day. Also everyone loved our pics get ready for a bunch of new clients! Your wonderful!