October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm headed out on a little vacation with my family tomorrow. Woo hoo! Any emails or phone calls will be returned in a week. Here's a darling, darling, darling little family to leave you with. I had a great morning with them!! They are so much fun! Happy Halloween everyone!!


annie valentine said...
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annie valentine said...

Holy cow, who are those cute kids? Mine mine mine!

annie valentine said...

My husband is to quiet to leave a comment but he is amazed at your work. He's a man of few words (most of our words are mine), but he went on and on about what an incredible job you did.

And he's only seen six pictures. Go you!

R~ said...

Once again you leave us all impressed and I want tell everyone I know about you!

These pictures are beautiful. I love that you can capture faces like this!

Send everyone you know to Mrs. Reeve!

Have a great vacation!
Rebekah Hartmann

My25Cents said...

Brava! Your talent with lighting is beyond words. Fabulous job on cutie pie's scratches! I happen to know this little family and honestly feel that you've captured each childs individuality. Now - I only wish you lived on the East coast so my family could benefit. Phooey for us and KUDOS to you.You have a gift.