October 16, 2008

Miss S

I've been taking some pictures of my two girls so I can get some big canvas' in my home, and some albums to show customers. Today was my 21 month old's turn. I've been procrastinating it as long as I could....and boy, did she make me work for these pictures! Seriously, photographing toddlers should be an Olympic sport. I don't know if I've ever worked with a more difficult toddler. She's my little mischievous baby.

The good news: I actually {with a lot of perseverance} got some canvas-worthy shots! Phew!


Carly said...

These are adorable. Watch out for my little toddler next week ha, ha.

Linds said...

She looks SO big. Out little Sophie is all grown up. You did amazing. I love these of her. You are amazing. I can't wait for our session next week.
Watch out for Bent.

wallis said...

The little ones I'm sure are the most difficult--but you make it look EASY! She is beautiful!! You did a fabulous job!

rychelle said...

that last shot is priceless!