November 26, 2008

Last Session Of The Year!!!

Today I had my last session of the year! Woohoo! I made it! It's been an AMAZING year and I have loved meeting so many wonderful people. I've learned a lot and I'm hoping to start 2009 even better then ever. I'm going to take advantage of this little break.

Here are some things I want to work on: 1. My technical skills (walking into a lighting situation and knowing where to set my camera for perfect exposure, nailing my focus with every shot, proper exposure for back lit subjects, capturing flawless sun flare). 2. Creativity (read magazines and be inspired, think outside the box, try new things, scout new locations), 3. My business.

I have so much more to learn and I can't wait to see what 2009 brings my way! I'm still planning on blogging, family pictures and activities, tips, and updates. Be sure to check in because although I'm not officially "working" this December, my camera still be with me where ever I go.

Happy Holidays everyone! Oh yes, and now the pictures from today's session:

Am I seeing things, or is he giving me a thumbs up?


wallis said...

Love them! Thank you SO MUCH!! What a FUN day! Enjoy the Holidays!

Audrey said...

So glad that you will still be blogging during December!! I would miss your posts!! :-) Enjoy your break... looking forward to 2009!


Freckles said...

Love the shot of her throwing leaves! So cute!