December 8, 2008

Winter Pictures

The Utah snow has finally come!

It hasn't felt like December much around here, more like October with the weather we've had. Today it finally snowed and although this storm hasn't produced too much snow, we couldn't resist bundling up and going outside to have a closer look.

Winter is a wonderful time for pictures. The lighting in the winter is beautiful and snow makes a lovely white backdrop. Bundling up the family with hats, scarfs, and mittens can make a unique and colorful family photo.


rychelle said...

super awesome pics, as always!

i want some hot cocoa.

and some snow.

Lflinders said...

Love them. And the bright hats too

Super Daysh said...

Oh my goodness- Your kids are BEAUTIFUL. I saw your pics on a friend's blog and checked you out- your pics are SO GORGEOUS!