January 11, 2009

Brrrrthday Party

Here are some photos from my Sophie's birthday party.....January parties are a bit tricky but we survived. Poor girl....I'm sure I'll struggle with it every year. No one is in the mood for celebrating after the holidays.

The Invite (front)

The invite (back)

Sledding (Sophie was too scared to open her eyes down the hills)

Back to our place to warm up....
On the menu: Hot chocolate (of course) with all the fixings, churros, and cupcakes.


Brittney Hale said...

Holy crap what a cute idea. dont they grow up fast?!?


That is the cutest invite!!!

Kelly A. said...

What a cute idea!! I LOVE everything about it and I just might copy you someday! :)

April said...

What a cute party. And darling girls.

~Mandy~ said...

Wow Veronica!

You cease to amaze me :)

Veronica Reeve said...

Thank you! Thank you! Kelly..you go ahead and copy it...Mandy, right back at ya'!

Melissa Mooradian Photography said...

Those snowman cupcakes are adorable! I love the invite - and what a cute idea to have a sledding party! At least her birthday isn't on Christmas day like my niece!

Alexis said...

Amazing pictures! What a great idea for a party. Love all the S's.