February 17, 2009


Saturday, February 28th from 10:00 until 12:00 for my Basic Photography class on-location shoot.

I need cooperative, photogenic, and happy children/people/couples ages 6 months (sitting up) through adults. You must be willing to travel to Ogden, UT.

Please send snapshots/info to veronica@veronicareeve.com for consideration.

Models will receive a full resolution CD of images from the students and some images taken by myself.


Camille said...

ah, in a few more months when we're closer, Carter would love it! :) fun ideas.

Chelsi said...

Hey! I'm just a fellow photographer (in the making) and I am in awe of the clarity and vibrancy of your photographs. Do you edit them? If so, what do you use to edit them? Or is that how they come straight from the camera? Either way I love your work! I wish I could come take a class from you. You know any good photographers offering classes in WA state?


Brittney Hale said...

Hey V, I was starting to think you vanished. Hope your class goes great- those students are lucky to have you as a teach.

rychelle said...

wish i could be in that class!

Fowler Family Blog said...


I would ove to have Amelia in your photo shoot. I will send some pictures.
I would love to have my whold family!

Anonymous said...

Awww mannn!!! I wanna be there!!! Pftt!

Pieces of Us said...

I would love to have my little guy in your class if you still need models! Let me know!


~Mandy~ said...

Oh i TOTALLY sent you an email :) Dax would be your cutest model (ha ha ha, I bet every mom says that)