February 20, 2009

Where I've Been....

Sorry for the lack in blog posts lately. It's been a busy month. No. I'm sorry. No excuses. I should never abandon my blog. I'll be better I promise.

First there was the cruise to Mexico.....

....followed by the post cruise blues. I've been in a serious funk. Especially since it's snowed in Utah pretty much every day since we've been home. What a waste of a perfectly good tan. Sigh.

Mostly, it's been my
basic photo classes that have been keeping me busy this month. Planning my lessons, cleaning my house :), trying to figure out what kind of cords I need to plug my computer into my TV....three cords later and the tech people tell me I've got to buy a new computer. Ha! I've met some super people, though. I'm loving it! (If you are in my class and you are reading this blog, get going on your homework!! He he he)

Then there was the flu. The real deal. No fun. I've had to cancel appointments (what?! you don't want me hacking on your newborn?) and have been out of commission for about a week.

So ta da! That is it! My February in a nut shell. I've got some photo shoots coming up, since my health is on the up and up, so tune in.

I'll be better I promise.


Camille said...

Everything is clear now.

rychelle said...

yay! you're back! ;)

sorry to hear you've been sick, glad to hear you're feeling better!

can you recommend a camera for a new (possible) photography hobbiest?

Brittney Hale said...

Sounds like an eventful month!!! cant wait to see what you will be posting from your upcoming shoots.

Melissa said...

I am soooo jeleous you got to go on another cruise....they are the best especially in never ending FEB. You deserve it!! I have been dying to get with you and take some lessons on photography or just chat..... I have been in a major slump! Call me when life slows down!