April 27, 2009

Photography Bailout

Times are tough.
Money is tight.
Jobs are being lost.
I know too many people who are being affected by the drastic change in our economy. It's a hard thing to deal with. So many people tell me they wish they could afford my photography services but are unable to at this time.
So I've decided to make things a little easier.
Starting today, session fees are being reduced:
$85 for weekdays. $100 for weekends (Fri and Sat)
(Those who have booked upcoming sessions will be credited)
Hip, Hip, HOORAY!
Now booking one more session in May. Sessions available in June. Hope to see you soon!


Carly said...

Hmmm, much more in my price range! That is so nice of you to do that Veronica. You may very well be hearing from me soon...

Donahoe Family said...

That is a win win situation there! Less $ = more clients! :)
See you in July - are you ready for us again???

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

ya we are so excited!! see you next week.

Crystal Taylor said...

Yah!! We would love to get our picts done! I am so excited. You are so talented.

Tiffany Bills said...

Wow Vern, that is great you are doing that! I can't tell you how excited I am for our session! No really, I lay awake at night thinking about it! Obsessed... I know :) See you in a couple weeks!