July 22, 2009

Basic Photo Wrap Up

Saturday was my on-location shoot for my July Basic Photo class. It turned out great. Beautiful weather, great models, and a wonderful group of talented and fun photographers. Proof of how much fun they were:

Nothing says FUN like a "crazy face" picture!
Now if this doesn't make you want to take my August Basic Photo class, I'd be surprised. (There are a few spots left so email me quick!) And no, contrary to what you might think, you don't have to wear a solid colored shirt to participate in my class. Although from the looks of this picture you might think so....
I'll be posting some of my favorite shots the students took that
day as soon as they all turn them in...hint hint!
Thanks so much ladies! It was a pleasure getting to know all of you!


Lindsay said...

Veronica, that class was a ton of fun, thanks for all your help! Was fun to meet you!!

Jaci said...

my wednesday nights are back to the same routine-- sigh!
it was great to meet you veroncia, as well as all the other ladies. good times, great lessons, and awesome snacks! :)

Jen said...

First, yikes. Neither of those are my best looks. Secondly, you are a gem and I loooved your class. Thank you thank you! Thirdly, when husband comes back can we have another hawkeye reunion of sorts? We miss you guys.

Mandy said...

Veronica, Thank you so much for teaching that class.I learned so much!I have found a new hobby to love. Now its time for lots of practice :) You are so nice to share your talent. It was fun to meet and get to know you a bit. Thank you again!

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

veronica, thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent.
i had so much fun, and feel like i learned so much. it was great meeting you too.