July 7, 2009

G Family

Last night was fun! I got to take some family pictures of a group of cousins that I photographed last year. That must be a good thing, right....that they come back for a second round?! They are all very photogenic, cooperative, and fun to be around. There were a few more additions, a few hair cuts, and a few of them grew a little taller this year. You can refresh your memory of last years shoot here, here, and here. Thanks G Family!

..and thanks to Libby for assisting!


Donahoe Family said...

Wow! That was fast! They look great - except for the one where I am laughin my head off! :)
I LOVE the singles of the kids! You have to be amazing to make our group look good!
Thank you so much for spending your entire evening with us! And thanks to Libby too!

Libby said...

Great shots, great family, great time!

rychelle said...

the expression on that baby's face is priceless.

Nicole said...

Beautiful family and your beautiful pictures!!!