August 26, 2009

Out of the Office

I will be out of the office for the next few days. I am lucky enough to be attending a photography workshop put on by the famous Nichole V. Here is one of her beautiful images, featured on this month's cover of Rangefinder Magazine. Amazing. I'm so excited to learn from her! I'm a big believer in learning as much as you can from people like Nichole who have mastered the art of photography. Luckily I have a supportive husband who feels the same way. Also, I've been feeling in a creative slump lately, and hopefully this will be the pickup that I need. Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by Nichole Van

1 comment:

R~ said...

So exciting to see how these classes inspire you! I truly can't wait for our photo shoot with you someday!

I think it's great you are always looking for ways to improve (even though we all see your photography as as perfection!)

Enjoy the classes and we can't wait to see your next post!