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October 5, 2009

What I've been up to....

1. Moved in with my parents while we build our house.

2. Celebrated birthdays. My little girl turned five.

3. Still waiting and waiting and waiting for baby to come. Longest. Pregnancy. Ever.

Oh, you want to see a maternity photo of me?
{Insert whale picture here}
10 more days. 10 more days. 10 more days. I can do this!
P.S. If you had photos taken any time this year, YES you can use them in one of my Christmas cards. You don't have to have participated in the mini sessions. Email me for more information.


Brittney Hale said...

so cute and looks like fun!!! i have been checking your blog like crazy to see new baby news :( hang in there- i feel for you!

R~ said...

Oh Ms. V. What a memorable day you gave your daughter. I miss birthdays with my mom and you gave me a smile this morning. I loved the number 5 cookies! I'm using that someday!

I doubt I am alone when I say that I am excited to see picutres of your new baby!

PS- You are not a whale. Gah!


Camille said...

You are not a whale! NOT a whale! Not even a baby whale!!

Angie said...

Such a cute birthday! I hear you on the long pregnancy... I am 2 days behind you! Can't wait to see baby pics!

My25Cents said...

What an adorable party! Maybe along with your photography business you can be a party planner, too. Where do you creative people GET these fabulous ideas? I won't let my kid see this, she'll be jealous. Whaaaa.

Enjoy the little one living inside you for as long as you can... as you know, they grow up all too quickly.

rychelle said...

is it just me or does your daughter greatly resemble your sister in that first shot?

Maria said...

Veronica- Seriously??? This is the cutest party ever! I love it! You are such a great Mom~Good luck with your new baby!
Maria Thompson