December 1, 2009

And the winner is....

Lucky number 46!!!

Brin, who said "Oooh! Count me in!!! It sounds great!"


As for the rest of you...sorry. I wish you could all win. :( If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for yourself or a loved one this Christmas season, email me
Happy December!


rychelle said...

booooooooooo. i mean, um, YAY! congrats to brin!

Olga Clark said...

Veronica, your girls wear the most beautiful clothes, you need to tell me where you get it. I am struggling with finding outfits for Christmas pictures for my two.

Em said...

blog stalker here :o) - - -

pics are beautiful, as always. Have you ever had a Q/A post? I would love to hear things like what your favorite lens is and such. Surely people have questions...I mean, if they don't...I'm happy to come up with all of them! :)

Freckles said...

Sooo cute!! Lovely as usual.

Jody said...

So cute! You are so talented with the camera!