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January 10, 2010

Princess & Frog Party

My little girl Sophie celebrated her 3rd birthday last week. I can't believe she is 3!! It was right after she was born that I started to get serious about my photography. My little inspiration. Since we don't have our own house at the moment we decided to go downtown with our families for pizza and the Princess and the Frog movie. Hooray for super easy parties! No clean up? Yes please! Here are a few photos of the invitation, the favors, and a baby picture of Sophie just for fun.

Invite front

Invite back

Favors for the gals who came to the party

Swords for the boys and frogs for the babies
My sleepy little newborn


Jolene said...

I love this idea! So cute! I have been looking at your blog for quite some time now and just LOVE the way you edit your pictures. If I lived closer I would for sure sign up for a class! Thanks for sharing!

Stacie said...

I have been following your work. It is absolutely fabulous! I am curious reading the classes. Could you please let me know when your next photography classes will be and the information on them? I would LOVE to attend and learn more. Thanks!

Nicole said...

Hi there! Do you think you could start teaching some classes on party planning as well. ha ha ha

What a fun idea!

Em said...

What an adorable party. I can't believe the attention to detail! I need to step it up a bit! Beautiful pics too, as always.

Family Valois said...

Oh MY!!! A party only suitable for a princess! Lucky girls you have!

Jaci said...

That is absolutely adorable! The perfect party!

Audrey said...

So cute! Love the party goodies and invitation! Just adorable and what a great idea for a party! I hope she had a fun birthday!