January 6, 2010


After thinking it over for the last year, I've decided to book 4 weddings in 2010. If you would like more information email me veronica@veronicareeve.com.

Here's to new adventures in 2010!


Kelly said...

oooooh! That should be fun! If you every need an assistant to help I would love to be the gal!

Camille said...

What the? this IS news.

R~ said...

You used one of the most beautiful brides ever for this post! I can't wait to see your ideas for these big events!

Happy New Year!

Cass said...

Oh I'm so glad you are going to be doing more weddings! I can't stop looking at wedding blogs and your pictures are so amazing! ...The clairity, the lighting, the romance of it all! sigh... soon enough! :)

shelby said...

Wow she really was such a beautiful bride!! Good work Veronica