February 22, 2010

Baby D

Little D, so fresh and new. He was a very good boy...very patient with us moving and poking him while he tried to sleep. He's a little attached to his binkie. Well, very attached. It came to the rescue many times throughout the session.

His mom had so many cute hats for him!

Thanks H family! He is so perfect!


Cass said...

Beautiful Family! I love the squishy cuteness that is that first picture. Adorable!

Camille said...

what a beautiful family. Great shots as well!

Jill K said...

Oh I love how precious new babies are. I wish I would have some newborn photography done on my kids..

Now they're too old and slightly less precious:)

Sharstin said...

fabulous photos and a gorgeous family~

Family Valois said...

oh man those are great!!!