February 18, 2010

Find me on facebook!

Become a fan of Veronica Reeve Photography on Facebook!
(I feel kind of nerdy doing this - but hey, why not!?)

Fans will:
Get sneak peaks of sessions
Be able to participate in "Facebook Fan Only" promotions and giveaways
Be the first to hear about photography classes and events
Be considered the "coolest of the cool" in various social circles. (I can't guarantee that one, but you'll definitely be cooler in MY book)

I probably should have some link to direct you to becoming a fan, but I can't figure out how!! So just search for Veronica Reeve Photography and begin enjoying the benefits of Facebook Fandom (is that a word?)


Marvett Smith said...

I'm on my way to becoming a fan. I love your work!

J and M K family said...


Try this link. This should send you to a place where you can create your profile badge that you can put on your blog.

Your photos are wonderful by the way.

*Fellow lover of cameras and pictures and art!*