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February 5, 2010

It's Hard Being So Cute

The plan: Wake up early and photograph cute Baby C when he is his happiest...

Chubby baby - check!
Cute outfits - check!
Plenty of toys and blankies - check!
Good lighting - check!

The reality: Baby C couldn't sleep last night because he was just SOOOO excited to get his picture taken, he woke up much too early, and as a result, was NOT in the mood for pictures.

Still so cute...

Just not in the mood for pictures.

So mad, in fact, that when we put him on his tummy he rolled over....for the first time! Yay Baby C! Retakes scheduled for Monday...we'll cross our fingers for a happier baby!


Kelly said...

Sorry for the grumpiness! But these are way cute anyway! You never cease to amaze me!
Crying Connor+Veronica=Darling Pics

Thanks to Libs for helping! Popsy Healy for the natural lighting and great house!

See ya Monday!

We will try to sleep better!

Camille said...

Still darling, I don't see a problem.

R~ said...

You're so talented you can't tell the subject is grumpy...

Cute baby- looks cuddly and I bet he has a great laugh to match those great eyes!


Libby said...

Oh Mr. Connor! He had another agenda all together. He wanted his first roll over to be extra special so he waited for a photo shoot to do it.

You still managed to get some good shots. I would've liked to have seen the bare bum ones though.

Family Valois said...

oh man, I wish I had a hallways with so much light! The pics looks great!

Audrey said...

If you are ever in Atlanta and willing to do a session I would love to hire you to capture my girls and me :-) Maybe someday we can fly to you. Love your work!