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March 8, 2010

W Family

I had a fun time coming to take pictures of this family in their home. They have 3 boys, all with such different interests - cars, model airplanes, music - their rooms were amazing and reflected each of their unique personalities. Thanks W family! Oh, and can you tell that I'm having a hard time deciding on a format for the pictures on my blog? It's driving me crazy!! I like the bigger pictures...I you? How about the drop shadow?


Camille said...

What handsome boys! I'm sure their mom is going to love these pictures!

My25Cents said...

As always, fabulous work.

As far as opinions go about the picture formatting -- I like the bigger pics and no drop shadow. Pure unadulterated photos, that's how I like 'em

Libby said...

I love these. It's so great to see this family in their home. Plus, I love that faux bois lamp and pillow case. So great.

I agree with the no drop shadow comment. They look great all on their own.

Kelly said...

Darling family full of boys--I do forsee this in my own future...glad to know that boys can grown up to be darling too!

I like no shadow as well and the bigger the better!

Asplund Family said...

Awesome pics!! I still haven't figured out how to take pictures inside. You once again were amazing.

And I guess I will be different...I like the drop shadow I thought it was cool!

R~ said...

You were right... this family is cool, and they do have great bedrooms! I love the bust in one of the boys rooms- how cool!

I like the bigger pictures and the shadow... your work is great any way you display it.


Family Valois said...

I love the pics of families in their home. It really shows who they are. Love them!

Connie said...

I love these pictures! How fun to capture the family in their home and bedrooms!