April 29, 2010

5 years old? Already?

My neice. 5 years old.

One of my favorite things about doing photography is being able to see, year after year, how these little ones grow. Not that I don't get to see my neice on a regular basis, but when you see them so often, you tend to overlook the subtle changes that happen over the years. Luckily I can look back and see her here and here...I told my husband the other day that if I were to create a world, I'd have children stay the same age/size for at least two years, so that they wouldn't grow up so fast.




Thinking of her preschool crush....(seriously, a preschool crush? SHE'S TOO YOUNG!!)
This little lady is my Lili's good buddy. They are currently playing on a soccer team "Go Go Black Princesses" together (umm...their name choice, not ours, and their uniforms are black). They are so fun to watch grow up together. Aren't cousins the best?


R~ said...

Cousins really are the best. I have so many that are like sisters to me. We talk daily and it's so fun to look back on our lives together.

Not only is this beautiful little girl growing and changing... so is your art and style. I loved looking at pictures you took a few years ago vs today. Hey- I thought your first few sessions were amazing!

Same age for 2 years!? That's really cool! Sold.


The Stanger Fam said...

Cute pictures Veronica! I love that session of the little baby below, it makes me miss having little babies - my twins are going to be 2 years old in a few short weeks!!