April 27, 2010

Trev & Cass Engagements

My first wedding of 2010! I've decided to do 4 weddings this summer, and they all happen to be in June! Trev and Cass are such a great couple...laid back, willing to do whatever I tell them to do, and hilarious. We had fun exploring this antique farm (thanks for the recommendation Nicole!) and chasing stray cats out of their pictures. Luckily we had the sun make a short appearance during our cloudy (and at times rainy) session. Special thanks to Linds for assisting me for this session!





Camille said...

Such sweet pictures! They'll love them.

Cass said...

VERONICA!!! I love them! you did such an amazing job! Linds called me in what sounded like a panic and said "are you near a computer?" LOVE THEM! Thanks again!

Jenee said...

WOW great Job!!! Cass you are GORGEOUS or Casstastic!!! Good job Veronica!

Jeanne said...

That is such a BEAU-TEE-FULL girl!
WHERE did you find her?
........... oh I remember ....
I gave birth to her!

Beautiful pictures. You caught their personalities perfectly.

R~ said...

Always fresh... always a new pose or two. I can tell you've applied a few new techiniques to this session. Just such great shots. Love the one of the tree, grass, stone and mountain... so beautiful.

4 weddings! I can't wait to see what you capture!


Gramma Phyllis said...

Beautiful pictures! Cass is so beautiful and she and Treavor make such a great couple. The backgrounds and poses are super and not just the same-o same-o. Great photographer

Nicole said...

I have been hoping to see "the farm" appear on your blog. I LOVE them all! And I sure do know about those cats wanting their pictures taken extra bad. :) In fact, I usually end up with them right in MY lap to try to side track them.

Beautiful work!!!

Em said...

The one with the logs is AWESOME! I'm so jealous of all your fabulous locations!

Steph and Kenan said...

You're amazing!!!! Cant wait to see the ones of Cass and Trev's wedding!!!!!!!