May 13, 2010

Mr G

I've photographed a lot of babies over the last few years, but one session that stands out in my mind as a favorite is of Baby G. He is absolutely adorable and I'm so glad I got to see him again....he's all grown up, not a baby any more...already 18 months old!

Here he is about a year ago....


He's lost a little bit of his baby chub...just a little bit, is a lot faster, and has a set of full set of chompers in his mouth. Have I ever mentioned that I love blond curly hair? I always said that if I had a son and he didn't have blond curly hair, I'd dye it blond and give him perms. Lucky for that son, I have all girls.








Camille said...

oh he's a cutie patootie!!

Connie said...

Dang, he's cute! What cute poses too!

Libby said...

Oh, he is so handsome. Love the hair. Watch out, Mr. G! Veronica will probably force you to date Miss Hazel if you keep those cute curls!!

R~ said...

Wow. Wow. Wow! I love the balloons for props! Killer lighting- as always, V. This little boy is 200% darling! What a gorgeous baby... well, toddler now.

Amazing shoot!


hcrjfrandall said...

So adorable! Love the lighting and colors, beautiful job!