May 3, 2010

Senior Boy - My first!

So tonight I took some pictures of my first ever senior boy. I noticed a few things: Senior boy pictures go quicker than senior girl pictures (less wardrobe changes). Senior boys are super cool - especially if they play Lacrosse (a sport I know almost nothing about but I've always thought looked interesting). Senior boys are not impressed with my high school stories.

So, although I'm not sure if you are cool enough to be on my blog, Carson, here are some photos from tonight (totally it still cool to use the word "cool"? Should I be using another word? I feel so....late 90'sish).







hcrjfrandall said...

These are really nice! Love your different locations and the lighting :0)

Libby said...

Relax-in ten or so years being "late 90's-ish" will be ALL the rage. Patience, my dear!

Also-great shots!

Asplund Family said...

Those are awesome!!! He should have all the girls after him after those shots!!