May 20, 2010

Tim and Jamie Engaged've probably noticed but orchards are the hottest spot for photos lately. Don't you just love them? The color, the harmonious/aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance, the beautiful light filtering through the trees. Yes, I'm a fan! So here are the photos from my last engagement session of the year. 4 of 4! Tim and I go way back...I think he is a super great guy and he's found a very sweet girl. I'm really happy for them and I can't wait for the wedding!









R~ said...

What a beautiful woman! Wow.. she is stunning. Very photogenic. They are so lucky to have you as their photographer...

I, too, love the orchard scene lately. Perfect setting. My favorite is the black and white one with her looking forward. Amazing!


Libby said...

Great job Veronica!! You are so great. I think these are so fun. Can't wait to see your shots of the wedding.

Another thing-sure orchards are gorgeous, but it's the photos that you take in them that make them magical!

Robin said...

It's such a pretty time of year. I love all the pics. I am also looking forward to the wedding shots. You are amazing.

Lazy Daisy Design: Photography by Teresa Henrie said...

I agree, orchards are all the rage, and rightly so! What a fun looking couple, and so cute together! Amazing pictures!

shelby said...

I also Love all the pics!! You are amazing!

Scarlet said...

Beautiful pictures