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June 9, 2010

Black and White

Hello, my name is Veronica and I love color.

There I said it. I'm obsessed with color. I like color and lots of it.

Every once in a while I post a black and white image on my blog, because I feel like I have to. But I always prefer the picture in color and usually regret not posting the colored version.

So I decided to try something new. To expand my blog portfolio, and to prove to you that I am not entirely one dimensional - I can go beyond what I'm comfortable with and used to.

So I present to you: A session preview done entirely in black and whites.

Crazy, I know. But for me it is. Because like I said before, I love color.








Okay, okay, I know this last one is in color - sorry I couldn't help it! Look at that creamy pinkalicious skin. She is so perfect and I had to show you her perfect little coloring.
As a side note: I'm finally getting semi-close to being caught up on blog sneak peaks/sessions. I apologize to anyone waiting, checking, pacing the floor, biting their fingernails, and pushing the refresh button over and over while waiting for their pictures. I am getting there!!!


R~ said...

Honey, I hit refresh 5 times a day in my super boring desk.. and I don't have my own session I'm waiting for. There I said it. Ha!

Also, hello? Not a soul that knows you have ever thought you were "entirely one dimensional" Nope. Black and white is a whole differnt story... look at the one of the mom and dad sitting below the big framed picture. Black and white kept that about the family of 3... and you only see the huge picture as a pure prop in the photo. Yet another amazing shoot.


Angie said...

Beautiful - I love black and whites on so many levels. But I have to say, your love of color is what keeps me coming back and why I wanted you and only you as my photographer! I can't wait for our session!

Lflinders said...

veronica, I am with you! I Love color. In fact, for our session I keep looking for bright colors for the girls. Something about color makes me happy. & your work is definitely not one dimensional.

Libby said...

I too am more of a color girl, but something about these is so "calm" and sweet. I wonder how that dog feels about this baby becoming a part of his family?!

Lazy Daisy Design: Photography by Teresa Henrie said...

I totally agree with you on full out color. Anytime I tint a picture of convert it to black and white I have to convince myself that it is okay, and it still looks good! You still made them look beautiful, even without color :cD

stepko said...

oo just found your Blog and I'm sooo impressed of your fantastic photos!! woow!! Can't get enough of them!! And I'm totally in love with your colour shoots, especially the ones wiht the bright, fresh green. Because I'm colour addicted, too!! Can't get enough of colours, they make me happy :)
But I have to say, your bw photos look really wonderful, too!! woow!! Such a cute baby and beautiful edited photos!!
Thank you so much for showing!!
Have a great week!!

Josh said...

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