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October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Clean Up Your Pictures……

A quick way to make your pictures go from yawn to yowsers! (in a good way) is to clean it up...meaning...get rid of all that distracting visual clutter in the background.  It's simple.  

Do this by:
  • Positioning your subject or yourself in a way that will eliminate background clutter.  Move around to see which angle will work best or change your location.
  • Cleaning up the photo - literally! Go ahead and throw that pop can in the trash and, while you are at it, move those newspapers somewhere else.
  • Get closer to your subject and magically the background clutter will disappear!
  • Use a lower aperture to blur out the background.  
Here is an example from tonight's pumpkin picking....

Apparently my daughter Sophie is the go-to-girl for my Tuesday Tip examples.  She's a bit distracted in this picture so she's giving me her cheesy smile/squinty eye while checking out which pumpkin she is going to pick.  

Notice the super distracting car in the background.  Ugh!!!  What to do????

Answer:  Change positions. Come at it from a different angle and zoom in closer.  Voila!  What car?? 

P.S. Sorry about last week's non-existent Tuesday Tip.  I was out of case you were wondering.  

P.S.S.  Okay one more picture of my baby from the pumpkin patch - I can't resist. 


Anonymous said...

Elles sont trop belles!!!
Vous me manquez tellement!

Julia Shinkle said...

I was wondering where you were...just so you know you were missed! This is such a good tip and important to make your edits quick!

Can I ask you to talk about White Balance. What step do you use to acheive a white balance you are happy with? I shot jpeg and auto WB and am wondering if that is a mistake. Basically, how do you approach white balance?

rychelle said...

love tuesday tip day!

and, you have such beautiful models.

Libby said...

Hazel!!! She is such a doll. Plus, her hair rocks!!

Sophie, always lovely.

Just so you know, I am expecting to see trip pics from you soonish!!!

Jenny Esterbrook Photography said...

Gorgeous! Loving the 'lil pumkins and I'm totally with Julia-I have WB issues as well and even try shooting in Kelvin but for some reason always end up a little off. I know I can change it up in RAW pretty easily but it would just be nice to have it right SOOC, ya know? Any suggestions would be fab on this topic, I love all your tips :)

Nicole said...

How did your "baby" get so big so fast. :) Beautiful images and love the Tuesday Tips!

Jody said...

Love the tips and Love the pumpkin patch!!