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November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Interacting with Children – Part 1 (kids 18 months to 5 years)….

Every mom has experienced it.  The lighting is perfect and the picture will capture a memorable moment – perfect for the blog or facebook.  If only you could get your child to look at the camera, and better yet, smile for the camera.  Here are some tips that I have picked up for children age 18 months to 5 years…..

Take "NO" out of your least for a little while (unless they are about to hurt themselves, of course). Nothing can make a happy toddler feel sad and not in the mood for pictures than a stern reprimand.  Remember! Happy parent=happy toddler vs. stressed parent=grumpy toddler.
Make it a game. Everything. Very important. Peek a boo, tickling, songs, jumping, dancing, making silly sounds with your mouth, hitting yourself over the head with a doll and saying loudly "Boink!" get the idea. Toddlers love that kind of stuff...and they can't resist looking at you + camera to get a better look.
Give them something to play with. What better way to encourage happy, natural, pictures than with a favorite toy or animal (nothing too distracting, simpler is better). Plus it will make them feel a little more at ease with their special toy.

Let them scare you.....and act scared. That's right, swallow your pride and scream little a girl when your little one jumps out and screams "Boo!/Roar!" It will make them think they've really got you, and they will laugh and laugh.

Next week…..Interacting with Children – Part II (kids 6 years to 12).


Jody said...

Love it! and you are so good with kids.

Photo Booth Chick said...

You are Absolutely right! Hahaha!!! Thanks for this tip!