January 17, 2011

Wanted: Second Shooter

Hey everyone!  I'm looking for a second shooter for weddings in 2011.  If you are interested send an email to veronica@veronicareeve.com and I will send you some more information.  Please include a couple photos of your work or a link to your website.  Thanks!!

*Thank you to everyone who emailed me interested in second shooting weddings with me this year.  I am going through everyone's information and will be get back to you soon!


~Mandy~ said...

I remember when you did your first wedding....up in Eden in hillbilly land....look at you now, needing a second shooter! That's awesome!!

Donahoe Family said...

FUN!! I wish I could help ya - if you needed anything computer oriented or clerical, or hold this light here, make this kid laugh kinda thing, I would be your gal, that is where my talents lie! Noone can do what you can! :)