May 21, 2011

Photo Classes

Today wrapped up my Basic Photo II class.  It was perfect!  After a week of stormy weather the sun finally came out - just in time!  Thanks to all the really amazing photographers who took my class and to the wonderful people who came to model at the shoot today.

My next class in August is Basic Photography (for beginners).   Click here for more info.  Email me to reserve your spot.

(just a few of our incredible models today)


Kelly said...

Such BEAUTIFUL models! Really! Thats gotta be baby Carnahan and Maddie..I am guessing the 3rd is the darling Talia--best pal to Maddie! What great shots!

wallis said...

THANKS for such a fun morning! You are delightful as always and a fantastic teacher too. Keep up the good work. Bree's babies eyes are so WOW!