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September 22, 2011

C Family

Best part of my job, hands down, is seeing these little ones grow.  Recognize these guys!?  They are getting so big and they are always so sweet!  Tonight's session might have been a little crazy - lack of sleep might have something to do with it but I'm not going to mention any names ;)   However,  I was having a hard time choosing which pictures to post so that is always a good sign!  

I'm a couple weeks away from delivering baby boy and I must look pretty funny waddling around, getting up and down off the ground in a not-so-graceful fashion, and walking like a zombie.  Thanks to my clients who have been patient with me and my "condition".  :)  You are the best clients a gal could ask for!!


R~ said...

My family! Look at these stunning photo's. Veronica, you stun me. Your use of light is a talent that I have never seen in anyone else, ever.

I can't wait to see more from this evening. This family is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I also loved looking back at all of the links, from many years gone by.

They're amazing and so are you!

I'm so happy to hear that you are having a little boy! That's wonderful! Good luck with everything. I look forward to seeing pictures of him too!


LeAnn said...

Seriously my favorite shoot thus far.....not cuz of the way 'someone' acted, but how beautiful the pictures turned out!! You are so talented, I love seeing you with our once a year appointment!! So beautiful! Thanks so much. I really hope there is a family one that turned out....cuz the kids pictures are perfect!! Thanks again!!

Sharstin said...

So pretty,you are a rockstar, and such gorgeous light:) hope you are going to get some much needed r&r with your lil mister soon to make an appearance:)

Carly said...

Fabulous Veronica! Fun to see our yard used for such pretty things (because at first glance it may be hard to imagine ha, ha). Thanks for chatting for a little bit too.