October 18, 2011

Two Years Old

My Hazel turned two this week.  This little girl melts my heart on a daily basis.  The dress she is wearing is a hand-me-down from her sisters.  We were in Spain on a study abroad and, although we were on a poor-students' budget, I was expecting our first baby girl and we decided to splurge and buy just one dress.  All the girls have worn it, so I wanted to be sure to photograph sweet Hazel in it before it was too cold and she outgrew it.   Those chubby legs...that round face...that mischievous smile....(sigh)....they grow up too fast, don't they?  I know it sounds cliche, but it's true.  


Maura said...


R~ said...

I couldn't believe this is Ms. H~ She is lovely... and yes, much to grown up. I love the story of the dress. Your girls are so lucky to have you to capture these moments, in this way, for them.

I hope you're doing well!

Libby said...

Miss Hazel is so lovely. I just want to squeeze her.

These pictures are so sweet. I love them.