April 5, 2012

Baby Dax

Today I was able to photograph sweet baby Dax, a new addition to this darling family.  And boy he sure was a dream baby!  He knows how to make a photographer happy...

See, isn't he dreamy?  

These two seem to think so.  They were pretty excited about their new baby brother.

He is certainly lucky to have been born into this amazing family.  

Congrats B family and thanks for letting me share some time with you and your sweet baby boy!


rychelle said...

so cute!

you're such a talent.

Anonymous said...

Très jolies photos!! Très jolie famille!!
Tu es une merveilleuse photographe!!

Meg said...

They sure make cute babies! So happy for Jacie and Blake!! Yah! V, you did a great job capturing N and L's cute personalities too. It is obvious in the pics that they all love their new baby Dax.