April 25, 2012

How did this happen?

This is my nephew.  His name is Mitch and he is graduating this year from Mountain Crest.  The first time I met Mitch he was 5 years old.  I was just dating Rich (my husband) and we took him to go see the movie Tarzan.

He was the cutest little boy - telling us who would win in a fight between various super heros.   And now he's graduating.  What the...?!!  How does this happen?  Why must life go by so fast?  Oh somebody please tell me that my children won't be growing up this fast!  

I need to invent some sort of machine that can slow down life, because I swear I blinked and now that 5 year old boy is taller than me (not hard) and graduating from high school.   

He's still such a great kid (except not really a kid any more), a super athlete, and he's super smart.  

So other than the fact that this has come way to fast, it is really neat to see what a great person that little 5 year old boy has become.  Congrats Mitch!  We are super proud of you!!

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R~ said...

Wow, you did a great job. My favorite is the first photo, on the left. Excellent. All of them are great.

I agree with the time issue. How was it 25 years ago that we were neighbors? It shocks me to think that my own siblings are now grown adults.