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February 28, 2013

Busy Winter

So normally winter slows down, and I get a little break after the crazy fall.  This winter has been different.  Between my Basic Photo class, regular clients, some commercial work, and my collaboration with Jennifer Stagg's fabulous new blogazine withHEART - I have been as busy as ever.  Spring will be here before you know if and as soon as the weather starts getting warmer my calendar fills up very quickly.  If you want to book a session, get on my calendar now, so you can be sure to get a spot.

And some photos to leave you with...

 photo Fashionpost30_zpsb834f7b4.jpg photo Fashionpost27_zpsca49fd9e.jpg photo Fashionpost20_zpse8d9af23.jpg photo FashionPost10_zps7fa73844.jpg photo FashionPost7_zps77895469.jpg photo Fashionpost46_zpse2452859.jpg photo Fashionpost17_zpsc63d4baf.jpg photo Fashionpost14_zps73e72067.jpg photo Housetour18_zps8cc5a422.jpg photo lovestory2_zps5584f694.jpg photo fitnesspost16_zpsd8ac1e8d.jpg photo fitnesspost12_zpsb95918d3.jpg photo Fashionpost56_zps667538cd.jpg photo Fashionpost53_zps497a2b2a.jpg
 photo Fashionpost50_zps45b7a749.jpg


Camille said...

Those pictures are so pretty! Love the new update on the blog.

Leslie said...

I love that you can take beautiful pictures even in the middle of "blah" winter. Beautiful.

Lauren said...

I agree with Leslie, you are SO talented. Wow. I can't stop looking at your pictures, and not just mine (although I think you have made me look better than I have ever looked) - a photographer like that is worth her weight in gold! :)

talk to you soon, lauren