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September 10, 2013

Matilda Jane Clothing

When I got the opportunity to review an outfit from Matilda Jane's Paint By Numbers Collection I jumped at the chance.  I mean, Matilda Jane?  I've been drooling over their clothing for years.

I'm not exaggerating.

Their clothing is what every photographer wishes their client would show up wearing: Bright colorful pieces, ruffles, layers, sweet, my mind it's the perfect clothing for little girls.  Their clothes make little girls look.....well, like little girls.  Which is hard to find now-a-days.  Bravo Matilda Jane!

They sent me an outfit for my little Hazel.  My job was to simply photograph the clothing and review it on my blog.  My honest opinion, no strings attached.

This was my first experience with Matilda Jane and I was not disappointed.  The clothing arrived, beautifully packaged - bonus.  I love a company that knows how to present their merchandise.  The clothes were perfect.  They checked off all my requirements.

Soft and comfy - something my four year old could wear/want to wear every day and be comfortable in.  Check!

Well made - this outfit has to endure jumping, rolling, sliding, crawling, running, skipping, dancing, washing, and numerous outfit changes, so a high quality, well made product is a must.  Check!

Cute - I mean, obviously.  The fun bright colors, the empire waist, the unexpected color combinations, the ruffle flair on the pants - be still my heart.  So sweet.  With a headband to boot?  Perfection.

The final test was to see how Hazel would like the outfit.  Of all my girls, Hazel is my fashionista.  She loves to shop, wear dresses every day, and loves to look like a princess.  I was worried about the pants.  She is a dress girl, through and through.  But when she tried on the outfit, she was in heaven.  Perhaps it was the peasant top and ruffles on the pants - if you can't have a dress, they've got to be the next best thing, right?

We love the outfit.  We are officially Matilda Jane Clothing groupies.

Check out their website:

I'm sure you will love what you see.  The Paint By Numbers Collection is amazing, all of it.  Good luck picking from all of their cute stuff.  You'll have a hard time deciding.    Then call me, and we can take pictures of your little one wearing some of their fabulous clothing, just in time for fall.

Hazel is wearing:

Limelight peasant top available here.

Pointillism Big Ruffles Pants available here.

Nancy in Chocolate headband available here.

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Camille said...

Hazel looks so sweet!!