November 12, 2013

Body Love Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be giving away two tickets to the Studio 5 - Body Love finale show!!  Studio 5 has been celebrating "Body Love" during the month of November and are ending it with a grand finale live studio audience taping of the show.

And I have two tickets for that show to giveaway.  Right now!!

To enter you need to know:

- The broadcast will take place on Tuesday, November 26th at 10:00 a.m.
- No children under the age of 18 are permitted.
- Every audience member will go home with a loaded "Swag Bag" to celebrate the occasion.

These tickets are HOT!  And they usually get taken within minutes of being announced.  So you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

To enter you need to:

- Leave a comment on this blog telling me a part of your body that you love.
- Leave your name so I can contact you.

Additional entries:

- Follow me, Veronica Reeve on Instagram.
- Share this post on Facebook
- Post a picture of your "Body Love" on Instagram and hashtag #bodylove & #veronicareeve

Yay!!!!  Winner will be announced on my blog Friday morning, November 15.  So tell your girlfriends cross your fingers, pick out what you are going to wear, and start planning your trip to the city, this is going to be fun!!


Wendy said...

I love my lips! I would love to go to the show. I also follow you on instagram! My name is Wendy. Hope I win!

chelsea said...

I love my legs! My name is Chelsea.

Paige said...

I love my arms. :) Paige Nelsen

Becky Young said...

I love my blue eyes! (it took me a second think of something, I guess I should work on body love:) My name is Becky.

I also follow you on instagram.

Brittny said...
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Brittny said...

I love my stomach. I also follow you on Instagram!! And I deleted my comment because I forgot to write my name:) (Brittny Thompson)

Nicole said...

I love my legs. Mostly because of what they allow me to do, but they don't look too bad either. :) Nicole Richins And I shared it on FB!

bladenfamily said...

I love my long piano fingers. Please pick me!
Shared on Facebook and I follow on Instagram.

Unknown said...

I love my long eyelashes. One time in hair school I thought I would try out eyelash extensions so I didn't have to "wear make up" on my eyes. Total fail. Ripped them all out. That was the day I learned that my eyelashes were my favorite. Crazy that it sometimes takes things being taken away before we really appreciate them.

You know I love following you on Instagram + I'll go share it on my Facebook now! :)

----fingers crossed

Street Fam said...

I love my hair! Shared on Facebook. :)

Unknown said...

I love my yellow/green eyes, because they are my window to the world! Brittany

Natalie said...

I love my soft skin.

The Fowers Clan said...

My body love is my toes! I also shared on Facebook and followed you on Instagram!

Suzie Fowers

Pieces of Us said...

I love my arms. Carrying my babies around always gets them nice and toned.
I follow you on Instagram.
Tammy Rees

Teresa said...

I love my legs. I have been working hard to get them in such good shape!

Teresa Henrie

Molly said...

I love my fingers that allow me to create and play music! Molly Hogan

jaclyn said...

i think i was blessed with a fine looking nose! my name is jaclyn and i also follow you on insta

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

I love my dark brown eyes. I follow you on insta. Carly wood