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November 14, 2013

Stella and Crew

Every year when the time rolls around to do family pictures, I get a little nervous.

What will we wear?  It's always the dilemma.

I know what I like.  I just don't know where to find it, what will look good together, and how to accessorize.  It's a stress that, frankly, I don't have time for.

Can I hear an amen?  I know you are thinking the same thing.

I have clients ask me for advice all the time.  And I give them basic tips...guidelines to follow.  But unfortunately sorting through their closets or going shopping with them is not covered in my session fee.  Sorry, please don't be mad.

Enter Brooke, fashion stylist and beautiful lady behind the style blog Stella and Crew.  (hallelujah chorus)

Imagine this.  You tell Brooke what you like, send her some pictures for inspiration, and then voila!  She comes up with a color scheme, puts together outfits, and tells you exactly how much it will cost (working within your budget), and where to buy them.

Dreamy, right?

Well this dream became a reality to me, friends.  And I can not tell you how much I enjoyed working with Brooke.  She is so kind, helpful, fast getting back to me, and has an incredible eye for fashion.  The outfits she came up with?  Bahhhh!!  It's like she read my mind.  I could not have thought up this combo myself in a million years.  I am beyond excited with the results.

I was soooo excited about Brooke and the whole process that I wanted to let all my clients know about her.   You don't have to go through this stress alone, Brooke is incredible and can take care of the hardest part!!

You can find Brooke over at Stella and Crew or on Instagram @stellaandcrew posting about her latest fashion finds.

I'm also going to be providing her information to all my clients in their welcome packets.  Because frankly I can't keep a good thing to myself.  I have to share.

 photo Reevekids5_zps5f30d49a.jpg

 photo hazel3_zps9b5ac0bb.jpg

 photo lilia2_zps6336997d.jpg

 photo Reevekids6_zps096df6ca.jpg

 photo Reevekids9_zpsa657357a.jpg

 photo hazel2_zps315eddd0.jpg

 photo lilia1_zpsdaf1adbc.jpg

 photo Reevekids7_zps39cfe0a8.jpg

 photo Reevekids10_zps4820c9b2.jpg

 photo Reevekids8_zpsbd3a100d.jpg

 photo lilia3_zpsafff14d3.jpg

 photo hazel_zpscf216386.jpg

Vendor Info:
Hazel's Shirt: Jedorablebebe
Sophie's Shirt: Pippy Lou
Girls Hair Bows:  A Little Lady Shop

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