April 9, 2014

Then and Now

I got the opportunity to photograph my sister's family this week.  It has been a while since I've taken their pictures and I love to see how much they've grown!

Here is my nephew then...

and now...

 photo natj_zps0abc2b36.jpg

 photo natd_zps86b95b24.jpg

My niece then...

and now...

 photo natc_zpsd0c0d20b.jpg

 photo nata_zpsd2e7e154.jpg

 photo natb_zpsd359d80e.jpg

Plus the cute twins...

 photo natf_zpsedfe3b44.jpg

 photo natg_zpsee9f0ac5.jpg

 photo nath_zps045805bd.jpg

 photo nati_zpsdf26a40c.jpg

I just love these little people! 

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Beautiful! We're always so pleased with your pictures. You are so good at getting natural smiles from all of us. The colors are amazing. Thanks again and again!