October 16, 2014

A Boo-thday Party

Today we celebrated the 5th birthday of my little girl Hazel.  It was her first friend party and she decided that she wanted to dress up and have a Halloween themed birthday.

 photo web13_zpsb5a799c3.jpg

Invites + doughnuts on a string ready to be eaten.

 photo web7_zps5923fe45.jpg

 photo web8_zpsa1053215.jpg

 photo web12_zps3237b9ee.jpg

The haunted house cake/cupcakes were made by the same super talented gal that made Jack's superhero cake/cupcakes.

 photo web14_zps69680ce5.jpg

Mummy juice boxes.

 photo web11_zps74c3bd18.jpg

 photo web1_zps3ff655d6.jpg

 photo web10_zpsdf6822a6.jpg

We played Halloween Bingo.

 photo web9_zpsb9d2b2c4.jpg

Decorated mini pumpkins with stickers - less mess and still fun.

 photo web6_zps6a647a7b.jpg

My little helper setting up the next game - ghost bowling.  

 photo web5_zps36f1e5a0.jpg

We also played a "Monster Mash" freeze dance game and danced like different Halloween characters (zombies, ghosts, and skeletons)

 photo web2_zpsc2fb9634.jpg

 photo web3_zpsd0f50645.jpg

Our favors were a few Halloween essentials in a spooky little homemade owl bag.


Leslie said...

Happy late birthday Hazel! What a spook-tacular party!

Florence said...

This looks great! So glad I stumbled upon your blog.