October 7, 2014

Jack's Superhero Birthday

My little man turned 3 years old this week.  Here are some photos from his super hero themed party.  I just did a simple lunch, favors, and cake and ice cream since his little buddies are still so young for games.

 photo blog1_zpsc0796f0e.jpg

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 photo blog30_zpsa7c9aca2.jpg

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 photo blog19_zps2d91cd30.jpg

They had favors waiting on their chairs - capes, masks, and some superhero candies

 photo blog6_zps28f27923.jpg

 photo blog16_zpsb281c378.jpg

 photo blog17_zps86f52862.jpg

 photo blog14_zps4e07dd7b.jpg

Then we opened presents

 photo blog18_zps338c6d1c.jpg

 photo blog21_zps05cd8cdc.jpg

Everyone had a lot of fun!!

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Leslie said...

You have the cutest parties. Such great ideas! Jack is a lucky boy! Happy birthday to him!